Bring home the bacon you chauvinist pig

Here’s a riddle for you.  When is a sexist remark not sexist?  No, seriously.  Under what conditions can you make a sexist statement and be fairly sure that you will not be attacked by ‘political correctness’ police? 
Not sure?  Let me give you some clues.  Do you think the following quote is sexist? 
‘Women have narrow shoulders and broad hips. Women ought to stay at home; the way they were created indicates this, for they have broad hips and a wide fundament to sit upon, keep house and bed and raise children.’

Mothers essential, fathers optional

Mother's Day is justifiably a big deal. My Mum is very important to me and very dear to me. Why does Father's Day seem so trivial by comparison?

Perhaps the mother's work is greater than the father's.  For a mother, having a child involves hard labour, a toil in which she gifts the three precious bodily fluids: blood, sweat and tears. A father for his part gives up a half a teaspoon of seminal fluid in a too-brief, but happy moment.

Given the effort required of a mother to birth and raise children, it is not surprising then that many religions and many cultures set aside a time to honour the mother. Mother's Day, or more generally the celebration of motherhood has a long history stretching back to Greek and Roman times at least. Mothering Sunday is recognised in many Christian religions on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

The Other Glass Ceiling becomes more visible

'The Other Glass Ceiling' is beginning to be recognised.  On the Tuesday before Father's Day 2010, Dads-on-the-Air interviewed me about the website.

To see the interesting lineup for the program that day (31 Aug 2010), go to  To hear the streamed version of the entire show containing the interview, go to the 'Listen Now' tab.