Sexism is a problem.  Still.  Double-standards operate to limit the opportunities available to individuals.  It limits women in their roles in the public sphere.  It also limits men in their roles in the private sphere.  In the home, the roles of men are often considered to be secondary.  Secondary to his role in the public sphere of work, but also, as secondary to the role of the woman.  In this private sphere, men are often treated as invisible at best, or villain at worst.  This is the 'other glass ceiling.'

While the push for equality of the sexes in the public sphere and the operation of the 'glass ceiling' is well-known, the inequalities facing men in the private sphere are less known.  Perhaps even denied or ignored. 

Creating equal opportunities for both the sexes requires attention to the barriers, challenges, prejudice and discrimination faced by both men and women.  This blog outlines the challenges that are faced by men, and especially fathers. Ultimately, it is a call for equity is to be promoted - for both sexes.

I am a single father*.  This is my experience. I have seen the gender stereotypes operating against men, most notably in the raising of children. You can reach me directly at sholden@bond.edu.au

Now... Add your comments.  Tell your story.  Pass this site to others you know who would be interested.

* In actual fact, the blog entries are written by two single fathers. We use the singular first-person pronoun "I" instead of "we" to highlight that this is our personal experience, and that we are not claiming any generalisation.