Women defending fatherhood

Surely fatherhood matters.

If Nature had intended that parenting be done by just one parent, why did it create two?

And why is the human species so reliant on two devoted parents?

Mostly, modern society seems to act and apparently believe that fatherhood does not matter.

The clearest demonstration of this is that in most family disputes, the father is seen to be dispensable.

The second demonstration is that the excluded fathers' complaints are like screams in space. Unheard.

Do things change when a woman speaks in defence of fatherhood?
Anna Machin is an evolutionary anthropologist, writer and broadcaster whose work argues for the importance of human dads.

Marilyn York is a mother of four children (from two different mothers and three different fathers) and family law specialist whose TED talk makes the case for the importance of fatherhood.

Thank the starry, starry skies for the women defending fatherhood: "Perhaps they'll listen now" (Don McLean).

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