Fatherhood Priorities Quiz

Do you have the right priorities as a dad? Take the following quiz and find out.
Multiple Choice
(1)   Consider the last few Saturday afternoons. Did you spend them...
(a)      …at work (1 mark)
(b)      …at the pub with your mates? (-4 marks)
(c)      …actively engaged in a sport or hobby alone or with your mates? (1 mark)
(d)     …at home with your kids? (1 mark)
(e)      …actively engaged in a sport or hobby with your kids? (4 marks)
(2)   When you first come home from work at night do you...
(a)    …grab a beer from the fridge, sit on the sofa, and flick on the TV? (0 marks)
(b)   …continue working on the report for the meeting tomorrow morning? (1 mark)
(c)    …talk with your kids about their day and yours? (2 marks)
(d)   …help your kids with their homework? (2 marks)
(e)    (c) and (d) above (4 marks)
(3)   If your child has a sporting match at 9 am on a Saturday morning, do you...
(a)      …go to work (1 mark)
(b)      …sleep in and let the missus take them? (-2 marks)
(c)      …go to the match with your missus? (1 mark)
(d)     …go to the match and let your missus sleep in? (2 marks)
(e)      … go to the match an hour early because you’re the coach? (4 marks)
Short Answer
(4)   What are the names of your children’s school teachers? (2 points per child)
(5)   What shoe size do each of your children wear? (2 points per child)
(6)   What are the names of your children’s best friends? (1 point per friend)
(7)   What is the name of your family GP? (2 points)

Interpreting your score:
20 +: Congratulations! You’ll go to your deathbed knowing that you’ve lived a life well spent raising your children to be happy, healthy, successful adults.
11-19: You probably live a balanced life, where your career and your role as a father mean a lot to you. 
 5-10: Plenty of room for improvement. There’s still time to get your priorities in order.
 0-1:  You’re going to be the guy on his deathbed questioning his priorities.